Online Quiz #1

By Adam

This is it folks, The AdVenture Quiz Online.  Press the play button on the video below and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to click next after each question!  Enjoy!

1. Select the Start Quiz radio button and click next to begin!


Question 1 of 24

2. True or False question One:

Donald Trump….


Question 2 of 24

3. True or False question Two:

Tug of war….


Question 3 of 24

4. True or False question Three:

Alfred Nobel…


Question 4 of 24

5. Who is this question One?

Example, if you think it is Michael Jackson, type: mj

Question 5 of 24

6. Who is this? Question two.

Example, if you think it is Michael Jackson, type: mj

Question 6 of 24

7. Who is this? Question Three.

Example, if you think it is Michael Jackson, type: mj

Question 7 of 24

8. Number Trouble, question One

How many…


Question 8 of 24

9. Number Trouble, question Two:



Question 9 of 24

10. Number Trouble, question three:



Question 10 of 24

11. Number Trouble, question Four:

The Delorean…


Question 11 of 24

12. Number Trouble, question Five:



Question 12 of 24

13. Number Trouble, question Six:



Question 13 of 24

14. Anagrams question One:

what word is this?

Question 14 of 24

15. Anagrams, question Two:

What word is this?

Question 15 of 24

16. Anagrams question Three:

what word is this?

Question 16 of 24

17. Matchmakers, question One:


Example; Painting A, is by artist 6

 Painting A, is by artist             Painting B, is by artist

Painting C, is by artist            Painting D, is by artist

Question 17 of 24

18. Matchmakers, question Two:


Example; Country A is flag 6

Country A, is flag  Country B, is flag

Country C, is flag  Country D, is flag

Question 18 of 24

19. Matchmakers, question Three:


Example; Element A, is symbol 7

Element A, is symbol  Element B, is symbol

Element C, is symbol  Element D, is symbol

Question 19 of 24

20. The Timeline, question One:

When was this film released?


Question 20 of 24

21. The Timeline, question One:

When was this building completed?


Question 21 of 24

22. The Timeline, question Three:

What year did this take place?


Question 22 of 24

23. The Timeline, question Four:

When was this exhibited?


Question 23 of 24

24. The Timeline, question Six:

When was this song unleashed upon the world


Question 24 of 24



  1. Quizzly Bear Cubs says:

    Amazeballs, we’re AQ ’til we die! See you at the White Horse soon.

  2. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Adam – that was impressively smooth and a lot of fun. We’d definitely subscribe to this!

  3. Lisa couscousdous says:

    Great fun but harder to get high scores when you haven’t got your team mates to help!!!

  4. Liz says:

    What a great idea, Adam! Love it.

    Makes Thin Quizzy nostaglic for Monday nights at Queen’s Head. Our score suggests we are v out of practice though!!!

  5. Stuart Couscousdous says:

    Great stuff, looks really good and puts us in the mood for more Monday night trips to The Queen’s Head.

    Was that a wolf whistle at the end?

  6. Lesley says:

    Great quiz, I must do better!!

  7. Sam says:

    Brilliant, extremely well put together.

  8. Caren says:

    I love this!!! Absolutely awesome!!! Can’t wait to go to the next quest/quiz!! xx

  9. Bridget and Ann-Marie says:

    We need to revise our history, geography, science…. oh dear! Loved it!! 🙂

  10. Ali V says:

    Brilliant quiz; terrible score. Oh well, at least I got to see Dali’s epic moustache…

  11. Stacie says:

    Really fun! Enjoyed the quiz.