By Adam

In case you’ve ever wondered…

 Stand Up Sit Down

* Clarification questions are not permitted as it delays the round, besides, it’s a 50/50 round – Just choose one!

Big Mix Bingo

* If numbers are not placed in the grid, points will still be awarded for correct answers but the team in question will be unable to win a prize.  What did you think the little grey boxes were for?

Quizmo Round

* Team names must be at the top of the sheet before it enters the box.  If it is possible for the quizmaster to work out whose is whose via deduction, then thank your lucky stars

* Entries that are delayed because of excessive crowding by the box will still be accepted but you must appear to be concerned and look panicked


* Unless otherwise stated, full names of people are required for every answer.  Half a point will be awarded for first name, and half for last name.

* Unless otherwise stated, the quiz is NOT a spelling test.  I had nightmares for over a year at primary school because of a weekly spelling test every Friday and cannot bring myself to subject the trauma upon others.  Phonetic spellings are totally acceptable.