Treasure Quest

What is Treasure Quest?

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You and your team must solve a sequence of cunning puzzles to work your way around a number of checkpoints in and around Hammersmith – all within walking distance of the Queen’s Head, Brook Green.

Collect secret codes on your way to unlock your very own treasure chest upon your return, then enjoy a 20% discount on food as the quickest teams are revealed.

Next Quest:

Saturday 28th June AND Sat 26 July (take your pick)

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So how does it work?

Solve the puzzles, visit the sites, enjoy the treasure!

When the clock starts, your team will be presented with 3 envelopes, each containing a puzzle that, once solved, will reveal the location of a ‘checkpoint’ in the local area.  Your challenge is to visit each of these places in turn and answer a set of questions about what you see around you.  With this information you will be able to work out which digits are required to unlock the first padlock on your treasure chest.

Will you be able to open the Treasure Chest?

Once you have completed the first leg of the quest, you must make your way to the half-way-pub where a well earned break can be enjoyed.  Then, when you are ready, the final three puzzles will be handed out, allowing you to complete the quest.  Once again, you must visit each checkpoint, this time working out the digits required to unlock the second padlock.

Finally; return to The Queen’s Head where the clock will be stopped, your times calculated, and you can see if your efforts have borne fruit as you attempt to open your treasure chest.

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The Next Treasure Quest will be held at The Queen’s Head Pub, 13 Brook Green, Hammersmith, London, W6 7BL starting at 12:00 and finishing around 4pm.

Prices: £10 per person including a 20% discount on food at The Queens Head