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Quiz 27, Season 5

In first place this week were ‘Press Box’ who are rapidly shooting up the leader board.  They then went on to play Barmy Boxes… and let’s just say it was lucky that the only prize they are really playing for is the first place rosettes! lol.  The first tier revealed the upward arrow immediately so up they went to the next level where upon they revealed yet another upward arrow.  It all then came down to the final tier where the £20 cash was revealed and hoping that they couldn’t possibly have any more bad luck, they went for another… GAME OVER!  That’s just plain evil!

Second was shared between ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Team 32′, just 1 point behind our victors… and a further one point behind them were three teams, all in third place – Secret Lemonade’, ‘Plane Spotters’ and ‘My Milkshake’

‘Cream’d’ came in 7th but ended up with yet another Lucky Dip wine – 2 out of 2 so far… :)


  1. Press Box
  2. Sunshine / Team 32
  3. SLD / Plane Spotters / My Milkshake
  4. Cream’d
  5. Kebab Machine
  6. Hiddlefros Cavern
  7. Good Working Knowledge

See you all next week,


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